For several years now the idea has been percolating in my head to create a book in celebration of the cephalopod.
Seafood is my favorite food category and these graceful, flexible mollusks are particularly appealing to me. Not only are they fascinating, intelligent, and beautiful creatures, but in the US we've been slow to catch on to how versatile and delicious they are on the table. So I'd love to show people here what the world already knows, like how to clean squid, which is great fun, actually, and how to tenderize octopus, and how to find cuttlefish and stuff it like an Italian grandmother or stew it in its own luscious ink, and much, much more.
So for a while now I've been developing  recipes and collecting lots of really interesting stuff about them. I'm so excited about sharing it all with you, so please join me on this journey of discovery of the completely awesome cephalopod!

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